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SENSEation Dog Harness

SENSEation Dog Harness

SENSEation Dog Harness

Manufactured by: Softouch Concepts

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Black Medium/Large 3/4"



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ide webbing is better proportioned for big shouldered, wide-framed dogs. It is also better for high energy, reactive big dogs.

X-Small and Mini harnesses are designed to be used with light weight leashes/snaps (7/16" or 3/8" wide). Retractable leashes are not recommended.

Girth Measurement:
Using a flexible measuring tape (or leash), measure from just behind the front legs all the way around your dog. You are measuring the circumference of the body just behind the front legs, like measuring for a "belt." Then go to the Products page (SENSE-ible or SENSE-ation) and select the proper size using the girth measurement.

Please note that the measurement is the best way to get the correct size - DO NOT USE THE WEIGHT RANGE to select size.

A = Measuring tape position (just behind front legs)
B = Start and finish at this point

Chest Measurement:
The chest measurement is typically 1/2 the girth measurement and is not required for most dogs.

Some breeds, such as Bulldogs, Bull Terriers, etc., will require a measurement as per the diagram (right) to determine a proper fit.

Also, this measurement is necessary for any alteration or modification requests.

Measure around the center of the forechest, over the breastbone. Start behind one of the dog's front legs to the same point behind the other front leg.
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