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Homeopet Healing Cream

Homeopet Healing Cream

Homeopet Healing Cream

Manufactured by: Homeopet

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How does HP Healing Cream work?
Cream seals in moisture.Homeopathic effect is transferred over the entire wound. No steroidal or other anti inflammatory effect thus speeding healing. May be mixed with conventional antibiotic therapy to enhance its effect. Cream acts as barricade under which cell regeneration can go unhindered and speed the closure and bridging of wounds. Cream can be used externally on open or bandaged wounds (liberal application is recommended under bandages). Cream has been shown in clinical use to be effective on previously unresponsive wounds and ulcerations.

Safe & Gentle:
Clinically proven to be safe for animals of all life stages including pregnant and lactating females. no toxic chemicals, no known drug interactions, non sedating, non habit forming, high safety margin

Scientifically formulated to harness nature's natural healing process, 15 years of cruelty free research and development, repeatable and reproducible results, fast acting liquid, meets and exceeds all GMP standards HomeoPet® Healing Cream comes in a 15 ml tube with an insert containing more detailed information on dosing for remedies and specific situations.

Aconitum Napellus 3x(Monkshood)
Conditions start suddenly, often triggered by a cold wind or exposure to cold. It is a treatment for acute fevers, particularly sudden onset after injury, and is used in the first stage of onset of any condition or illness.

Arnica Montana 3x (Leopard’s Bane)
Treats or prevent foul or putrid septic conditions following a minor cut, crack, graze, wound, fall, blow, or bruising.

Arsencium Iodatum 8x (Iodide of Arsenic)
There are acrid discharges (burn of hair and skin) that often smell bad. Swollen glands and skin lesions similar to psoriasis or eczema. Open ulcers often respond to its use.

Belladonna 3x (Deadly Nightshade)
Fever with a bounding pulse (in the neck particularly), often with the local area being hot flushed, red and swollen and often the whole animal can be in this state. This is one of the main treatments for acute fever as the signs suggest. The head is often warmer than the legs and body. The eyes often have a wild look as the pupils dilate with the fever, accompanying injury or infection. Animals, though normally placid, can be fractious even aggressive with twitching.

Bellis Perenis 3x (Bruisewort)
Very like Arnica, it is used for damaged tissue, repairing deeper tissues when affected by injury or inflammation such as occurs in road traffic accidents. It is also very important in the deep bruising that occurs in the birth canal and its associated regions during delivery. Useful for inflammation and infection coming on around these events or similar tissue injuries, especially a blow in any species.

Bryonia 3x (Wild Hops)
Bryonia is indicated for sprains and arthritis with stiffness that is worse with movement. It is indicated where the condition causes the affected animal not to want to move and often the animal is worse when it moves even slightly.

Calendula Offcinalis 3x (Pot Marigold)
From the same family as Arnica and Bellis P, it is used for conditions where laceration or tearing occurs, and speeds the healing. It helps the healing of tissues both before and after inflammation, abscessation, such as occurs in mastitis. Various species of Marigolds have been shown to have anti-viral, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and keratolytic properties .

Chamomilla Matricaria 3x (German Chamomile)
Used for conditions where the patient is irritable from the pain of the condition, particularly where the animal bites, scratches, pecks or kicks (depending on species) due to the pain of the condition. The area becomes very sore and inflamed, being particularly tender to the touch.

Echinacea Angustif
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