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Himalayan Dog Chew

Himalayan Dog Chew

Himalayan Dog Chew

Manufactured by: Himalayan Dog Chew

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Guaranteed Analysis:
Protein 52.6 %. Carbohydrates 30.3%. Fat 0.9 %. Ash Food 6.0 %. Moisture 10.2 %.

Yak and Cow Milk. Salt and Lime Juice.

What makes Himalayan Dog Chew so special?
This is a very long lasting dog chew. Dogs must work the end of the treat for hours, softening it with their mouths before small parts of it can be slowly scraped off. It is 100% natural with no preservatives. It is an authentic type of cheese eaten by the people of the Himalayas. When you give this chew to your dog, you know that you are providing them with hours of high quality eating entertainment.
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Himalayan Dog Chew Reviews

from Carrollton, VA
Best Chew Ever Wednesday, January 29, 2014
I have two aggressive chewers and this chew is the best I've found on the market. It does not cause constipation or dehydration (like bones, rawhide, etc). It lasts longer than any other chew, which is a bonus since providing acceptable items to chew can get very expensive (but is the only thing that saves the furniture, baseboards, cabinets, etc). Highly recommended, also this is the cheapest place I've found them (they're nearly $20 at a popular pet store in our area).

from Albuquerque, NM
If God had a dog... Tuesday, July 31, 2012
this is the treat he would get. These are awesome. They are all natural no funny business not treated with radiation and the dogs go nuts for them. They last a good while, they don't smell bad ( or like anything at all really) and they don't stain. Fabulous treats, I wish I could buy them in bulk.

from Wilbraham, MA
Go for the CHEWS!!!! Tuesday, July 31, 2012
I got several Himalayan chews for my pupsters -- 2 mediums (cuz they were the same price as the smalls I believe) and 2 large. My 2 Biewers and 2 Aussies LOVED them and will definitely have them again. And the price was reasonable! This is a perfect "addition" to add to your order to reduce shipping costs!

from Des Moines, IA
The perfect long-term chew! Sunday, May 13, 2012
I have a Jack Russell and she's hard to keep interested in a chew that I believe is safe for her. This one is hard enough in the beginning to get her to gnaw on it, but not splinter her teeth. It also has NO smell and leaves very little in the way of an "icky trail" as she slides it across the hardwood floor. It is something that she returns to daily and it lasts at week (medium-sized chew). I'm not sure if I prefer the longer single chew or the smaller, but more numerous chews. I still highly recommend this product. And Natural K9 Supplies to supply it!

from Winthrop, NY
The Best Chews Thursday, February 16, 2012
These are the best! My dogs love them and they're much safer than rawhide and other similar chews. They're a little pricey, but the XL last my dogs (bloodhounds) around a week.

from Manhattan, NY
My Dog Loves These! Thursday, November 3, 2011
My dog loves these chews...we call them yak crack! The only reason I rated as a 4 is because of cost of product, but these are awesome!