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Grizzly Krill Oil

Grizzly Krill Oil

Grizzly Krill Oil

Manufactured by: Grizzly

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Grizzly Krill Oil for dogs is a powerful, all-natural antioxidant supplement derived from wild Antarctic krill. Grizzly Krill Oil packs up 8 to times more natural antioxidants (in the form of Astaxanthin) than the human version of krill oil, due to slight differences in its extraction method.

In addition to safeguarding your dog against free radicals, the natural antioxidants in Grizzly Krill Oil also help support the health of your dog's liver, ocular, respiratory, cardiovascular and vascular functions, as well as helping to maintain good health in all the body's cells and tissues.

Grizzly Krill Oil does not contain omega-3 fatty acids like other fish oils, but instead contains omega-3 lipids (phospholipids). Due to their chemical structure, phospholipids act as an emulsifier that assist your dog in absorbing nutrients. Lipids are very important elements in all cell membrane structures, thus providing a variety of phospholipids in your dog's diet will help maintain healthy membranes in the digestive tract, further benefitting overall nutrition absorption.

Grizzly Krill Oil is sustainably sourced from wild Antarctic krill, harvested in accordance with international standards set by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), and certified by the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council).

Grizzly Krill Oil is a naturally concentrated product: a 4 ounce bottle will last a 50 pound dog 2 months; the 8 ounce bottles lasts up to 4 months for the same size dog. Both come in handy dispenser pump bottles for easy use.

Add daily to your dog's food according to the weight chart below. For best results, use regularly on a long-term basis. One pump stroke equals approximately 0.03 fluid ounces / 1.0 ml.

Guaranteed Analysis (per pump):
Crude Fat 99.8% (min.)
Moisture 0.2% (max.)
Omega-3 Fatty Lipids 8.0% / 76 mg (min.)
Omega-6 Fatty Lipids 1.8% / 17 mg (min.)
Astaxanthin 0.1% / 1.0 mg (min.)
Ingredients:Krill oil
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