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DogGestive Daily

DogGestive Daily

DogGestive Daily

Manufactured by: Discontinued Products

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Pumpkin: Not just a health food for us – for our pets too! Pumpkin is loaded with vitamins which are good for dogs, but it’s the fiber content that’s useful in the maintenance of a dog’s digestive system. The additional fiber in Pumpkin helps with both diarrhea and constipation in pets. Best of all, most dogs enjoy the taste of pumpkin!

Oat Fiber: For years we’ve known that oat fiber benefits humans, but the same benefits help dogs too. Oat fiber helps the digestive system by “calming” the intestinal tract. It’s also high in vitamins, minerals and protein and can help lower cholesterol levels in dogs.

Psyllium: This plant, native to Iran and India, has recently been found to contain high amounts of soluble fiber. Fiber is known to be a stool “normalizer” and can be the solution to many digestive problems in dogs.
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