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PetzLife is dedicated to bring to the domestic pet owner unique all natural products that will improve their pet's overall health and will also add years of life! PetzLife is also dedicated to product safety. To this date we are happy to report PetzLife oral care products have been a huge success, we have sold over 900,000 bottles and are in over 7,000 retail locations. The reason for our fantastic success; OUR PRODUCTS WORK AND THEY ARE SAFE! No deaths and no substantiated cases of ill effects from any user! We pride ourselves in that it has been estimated that to date we have saved over 6,000 pets lives and over 35 to 72,000 from injury-- our goal for 2010 and beyond is to save another 1,000 pets lives and over 20,000 more from injury just from anesthesia complications!!

PetZLife Oral Care Spray
$9.99 - $39.99