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NaturVet OdoKLEEN

Concentrate DILUTES 256 TO 1. Eliminates Odors & Cleans On Contact. Cleans and deodorizes all washable surfaces such as crates, grooming tables, exam tables, kennels, and fabrics in one easy step. It will not discolor clothing and has no bleach odor. Less expensive to use than bleach. Super concentrated; one-half ounce makes a gallon of ready-to-use deodorizing cleaner. Contains no Phenol, alkalies, acids or ammonia. OdoKleenĀ® is phosphate-free, biodegradable, has a neutral pH, and is safe to use around pets. Apply with mop, sponge or sprayer; and may be added to carpet shampoo when cleaning and deodorizing carpeting. Not for use directly on pets.



Price:    $38.99

Active Ingredients:
Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride.

Add 1/2 ounce (1 tbsp.) of OdoKleen to each gallon of water. For heavily contaminated surfaces, add two ounces (1/4 cp) of OdoKleen to each gallon of water or apply full strength and rinse. For laundry add one ounce (2 tbsp.) of OdoKleen with usual amount of detergent. For spot treatment of carpeting and upholstery, use one teaspoon of OdoKleen to each quart of water.

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