Fresh Flow Pet Fountain

Fresh Flow Pet Fountain


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Fresh Flow Pet Fountain

Pets need to drink plenty of water to ensure their good health. The Fresh Flow Fountain encourages pets to drink the water they need by offering a supply of clean, flowing water whenever pets are ready to drink. Pets simply approach the fountain and drink from the reservoir or directly from the flowing stream.



Price:    $48.69 to 57.89

* UL-approved, quiet, submersible pump sends the water through a carbon filter to remove impurities and improve taste.
* The removable reservoir automatically releases additional water when needed.
* A flow control lever lets you set how quickly the stream flows.
* Built-in ramp reduces splashing and keeps running water quiet for you.
* Plugs into a standard household AC outlet and the 6' cord is removable so the unit can be easily cleaned.
* Has an On/Off switch with low voltage system for pet safety.
* Has non-skid rubber feet.
* Minimal assembly required.
* Includes a manufacturer's one year warranty.
* 108 oz. capacity.
* Measures 10"W x 14"D x 9"H.

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