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Ziwi Peak Deer Antler

ZiwiPeak Deer Antler


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ZiwiPeak Deer Antler

Naturally shed (By Deer in the Wild) and farmed from our free ranges over a four month period every year. Contains natural vitamins and minerals that your dog can chew on for long periods of time.



Price:    $11.30 to 33.00

ZiwiPeak has added another new range of Nature's Naturals from pasture to the bowl, our new ‘Oral Health Care Chew' range for all dogs on the planet. The reason for the introduction of our 'Oral Health Care' range is due to ZiwiPeak seeing so many dogs with teeth and gum problems, so with our 'Cuisine' Natural Real Meat food, our Good Dog treats and now our new 'Oral Health Care Chew' range, your dog will be the healthiest dog on the planet.

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