Wellness Pure Rewards Venison

Wellness Pure Rewards Venison


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Wellness Pure Rewards Venison

Pure Rewards are the simplest way to treat your pet. We start with more than 90% pure, high quality meat, poultry or salmon, then add just enough natural stabilizers to package them and keep them moist. These highly flavorful, protein-packed jerky bits are the ideal size for training and treating. Pure and simple, these Pure Rewards, are just as nature intended.



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When you want to show your dog extra love, you shouldn't have to worry that you are loading up your best friend with unneeded calories or fillers.

Our complete line of Wellness© treats are power-packed with wholesome ingredients and offer the perfect complementary snacks to your dog's healthy diet. Wellness treats provide a great alterative to grocery brand treats and include oven, baked, crunchy WellBars, soft & chewy WellBites, and our meat jerky Pure Rewards.

Just like our Wellness Dog Food Formulas, these treats are made with all-natural ingredients and are formulated with the same thoughtful approach. We encourage you to explore the different recipes below to learn more about our new product line and how to treat your dog to the very best.

BenefitsWellness Pure Rewards All-Natural Delicious Venison Jerky Bits for Dogs Benefits:
* 95% Meat
* Limited ingredients
* Grain Free
* Wheat Free
* Perfect for Training
* Contains No Meat By-Products, Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives.

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