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Wholistic Ester C

Wholistic Ester C


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Wholistic Ester C

A unique, patented form of Vitamin C that is highly bioavailable, highly effective, yet easy on the stomach! This is the absolutely best form of Vitamin C.



Price:    $22.59 to 73.79

Many forms of Ester-C that appear on the market today are diluted so that the amount of Ester-C per teaspoon is much lower. Before you buy other forms of Ester-C compare the strength with what we offer. You will be amazed. Wholistic Ester-C is the most affordable on the market!

Dogs & Cats:
1/4 tsp per 25 lbs body weight.

Dosage may be doubled during initial introduction period.

Each teaspoon contains:
3945 mg Vitamin C
96 mg Calcium

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