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Wholistic Digest All Supplement

Wholistic Digest All Supplement


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Wholistic Digest All Supplement

A unique enzyme blend of freeze-dried, non-animal source enzymes formulated to support your pet’s digestive system for peak functioning. Unlocks needed nutrients in your pet’s diet! Utilizing several different species of enzymes to ensure viability throughout the varying pH of the intestinal tract, Wholistic Digest All Supplement actively assists in digesting food by breaking down proteins, starches, carbohydrates, cellulase, and fats that comprise your pet’s diet. Without added enzymes, your pet may not be deriving all the nourishment he needs from his food. Formulated and backed by the most cutting-edge scientific research in the enzyme field and manufactured in GMP-certified plants, Wholistic Digest All Supplement utilizes only Kosher and non-GMO ingredients.



Price:    $22.99

Amylase, Bromelain, Cellulase, Hemicellulase, Lipase, Papain, Protease

Feeding Instructions Mix ¼ tsp per cup of food. For best results, use with every feeding. Scoop included with product

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