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Pet Kelp Digestive Formula

Pet Kelp Digestive Formula


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Pet Kelp Digestive Formula

Pet Kelp is a superfood nutrition booster that provides over 70 nutrients. While containing a large number of vitamins, kelp is best known for containing a full panel of trace minerals. Minerals perform many key functions in animals (including regulating energy and aiding digestion) and are a vital ingredient in immune, skin, and bone systems. Dietary minerals are essential to maintaining the health of any dog or cat. Veterinarian nutritionists recommend kelp as a holistic source of the essential nutrients pets require.



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Pet Kelp's special high-fiber blend of kelp is the most nutrient-rich available. To create the Digestive Formula, the kelp blend is mixed with digestive-friendly pumpkin, which has been found to enhance digestive health and weight loss in dogs and cats.

Pet Kelp Digestive Formula is appropriate for all dogs and cats where the goal is to promote regularity, weight maintenance, and digestive health.

Ingredients: Dried kelp, pumpkin, organic flax seed.

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