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HomeoPet Pro Storm Stress


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HomeoPet Pro Storm Stress

HomeoPet Storm Stress K9 for dogs provides a safe and effective remedy that promotes calm in dogs exhibiting fear from thunderstorms, fireworks, heavy rainfall, loud noises, and other weather/noise related phobias.



Price:    $21.99 to 21.99

Restlessness, anxious and unwanted behavior can be helped with HomeoPet Storm Stress K9; a fast acting liquid that is safe, gentle and effective. Only pure, naturally grown, raw materials are used.

Directions for Use:
Begin dosing as soon as anxious behavior starts.
One dose (10 drops) to be given every 15 minutes up to 4 doses if needed.

Acute dosing for fearful pets:
One dose (10 drops) every 5 minutes up to 6 doses until response is seen.

Prevention while owner is away from pet:
15 drops of product may be put in water bowl for each Dog & Puppy who are home alone during storm season or similar events. Discontinue treatment as condition improves. See insert for more information. Dropper is specifically calibrated so that each drop is identically medicated.

*Contact a veterinarian is problem persists.

Acon.: 10x & 200c
Avena S.: 7x & 2c
Bell: 30c
Borax: 6c & 30c
Calc Phos: 30c & 200c
Gels.: 6c & 30c & 200c
Lyc.: 6c & 30c
Nat Carb: 30c & 200c
Nat Mur: 30c
Passiflora: 7x & 2c
Phos: 6c & 30c & 200c & 1 m
Rhod: 6c
Scutt: 7x & 2c
Silicia: 30c & 200c
Stam: 30c
Staph: 6c & 30c
Val: 7x & 2c in 20% USP alc, in purified water

HomeoPet Benefits:
•Free of all chemicals. Safe for kittens, puppies, pregnant and nursing animals.
•Clinically used on dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets and pot bellied pigs.
•Manufactured under FDA registered process
•No known side effects
•12 years of researching the purest ingredients from all over the world
•Only the purest, naturally grown raw materials are used
•Formulated in a 100% natural solution that is easy to administer
•Scientifically formulated to harness nature’s natural healing power
•Repeatable and reproducible results
•Unparalleled safety
•Over a decade of research and development
•Meets and exceeds all GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards

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