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HomeoPet Cough


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HomeoPet Cough

Used for the relief of coughs in cats and dogs frequently associated with a stay in a kennel and/or exposure to other animals.



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What is HomeoPet Cough?
HomeoPet Cough is a homeopathic remedy for temporary relief of some minor symptoms of cough in cats and dogs.

• Provides relief from coughing, including from kennel cough
• All-natural herbal ingredients
• No reported side effects

How it works:
HomeoPet Cough contains a combination of natural, organic ingredients that when used together relieve minor symptoms of cough.

For pets under 1 lb place 1 or 2 drops in drinking water daily.

Active Ingredient(s):
Dros. Rot., Ars. Alb., Spongia T., Baryta Carb, USP Alc. (20%), Purified Water.

How this product should be used:
Use this product three times a day in the morning, in the evening, and at bedtime. Place directly into the mouth or in water that the pet will finish. For pets less than 20 lbs give 5 drops, for pets 20 to 100 lbs give 10 drops and for pets over 100 lbs give 15 drops.

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