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Grizzly Joint Aid 4 Dogs


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Grizzly Joint Aid 4 Dogs

Grizzly Joint Aid 4 Dogs addresses joint surface inflammations and it helps maintain your dog's cartilage. It is a unique joint formula that combines oat extracts with active joint ingredients to support your dog's mobility.



Price:    $10.79

Joint Oats 4 Dogs has a pleasant flavor - even to the human nose. it comes as an easy-to-feed mini pellet and Joint Oats 4 Dogs is gentle to your dog's stomach. JointOats4Dogs contains no wheat or soy, thereby making it a viable joint product option for dogs with certain allergies.

Oat extracts helps absorption
Joint Oats 4 Dogs contains the active joint ingredients glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and Ester-C.

Further, Grizzly Joint Aid 4 Dogs' unique inclusion of:
•Oatinol: A patented oats extract in oats oil
•Curcumin: A highly effective anti-inflammatory supplement derived from Turmeric
•Glutamin: A major building block for gut membranes produce a uniquely effective product for the best maintenance of your dog's mobility.

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