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Complete Natural Nutrition Fortifier

Complete Natural Nutrition Fortifier


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Complete Natural Nutrition Fortifier

A Breakthrough in Immune System Nutrition Fortifier is one-of-a-kind supplement for critical health situations. Our pet’s immune system is constantly challenged or ‘put to the test’ and it is critical that any and all re-enforcements are accessible to the body. Fortifier contains only two very potent actives: a proprietary US bovine sourced colostrum called KPx™ and GlutaSyn®, a milk serum protein isolate that has been studied for over 30 years for immune system and antioxidant support. Both active ingredients are specifically designed to feed and ‘jump start’ the bodies’ immune system.



Price:    $42.99

Fortifier can be added to milk replacer and is fed when pets are seriously ill and/or on long-term medication that might compromise the strength of the body and immune system.

Ingredient Statement
Milk protein isolate (GlutaSyn brand), bovine sourced colostrum (KPx Colostrum brand).

Body Weight Amount Per Day
Up to 10 lbs: 3.5 g 1x
11 to 20 lbs: 7 g 1x
21 to 30 lbs: 14 g 1x
31 to 50 lbs: 21 g 1x
51 lbs and over 28 g 1x

Critical illness / compromised immune system: feed 2x daily

A level scoop measures 7 grams of Fortifier

Mix 1/10 of an ounce of Fortifier Plus per one(1) ounce of milk replacer

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