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Ark Naturals Nu Pet Granular Greens

Ark Naturals Nu Pet Granular Greens


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Ark Naturals Nu Pet Granular Greens

Excellent choice for pet’s with animal protein related issues. Why does my pet eat grass? I’m sure you’ve all seen dogs and cats occasionally eating grass that grows in your yard, along a roadside or in a sunny field. Green food phytonutrients- Nature’s “green miracles” are what your pets seek. Wild animals, as well as domestic animals rely on an intuitive sense to maintain their health and well-being. Throughout history green grasses have been known to contain virtually every vitamin, mineral and trace element known to man. As a supplement, grass provides an extraordinary balance of nutrients essential for life itself



Price:    $15.49

Nu-Pet Granular Greens provide additional vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, in an easy to use granular form. Nu-Pet® Granular Greens was formulated by our own nutritional scientist using only the best all natural ingredients.

Wheat sprout complex Barley Grass Alfalfa Spirulina Kelp B-12 Selenium Contains NO Chemicals, preservatives, sugars, startch or glutens

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