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Ark Naturals Ears All Right

Ark Naturals Ears All Right


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Ark Naturals Ears All Right

Helps to alleviate ear mite infestation and yeast infection...and just makes your pets ears feel good! A gentle ear cleaning lotion formulated to heal and maintain healthy ears. Ears All Right helps to heal and avert ear problems by breaking down and removing wax and foreign debris. Additionally, this product is especially effective in reducing ear inflammations, irritations, and mite infestations.



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Why Choose Ears All Right
All natural herbal extracts clean and heal ears without drying, burning or causing allergies.Inhibits growth of ear bacteria, virus' and fungi. Soothes wounds and bites. Relieves and soothes infected, inflamed and itching ears.

Aloe vera gel whole leaf, isopropanol USP, glycerine 99.5% USP, de-ionized water, calendula extract, rosemary extract, myrrh extract, cinnamon leaf oil.

for pets with sensitive, inflamed and encrusted ears, 5-10 drops of solution should be sqeezed directly into ear canal. Allow to soak, and then attempt to clean ear with clean cotton ball. Repeat 2-3 times per day for several days as necessary.

Squeeze Ears All Right onto a cotton ball and gently clean and swab ear and ear canal.Clean ear internally and externally. To avoid transferring infection, do not use the same cotton ball in each ear. Always celan pet's ears after swimming and bathing, and when pet has been playing in an area you suspect is insect ridden.

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