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Brushless Paw Wash

Brushless Paw Wash


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Brushless Paw Wash

Brushless Paw Wash delivers by using natural bursts of water supported by the Paw Wash’s patented shape and the powerful fluid dynamics it creates with very little effort. Add the soft rubber squeegee and a towel to remove the majority of the moisture as the paw exits the Paw Wash and you have a power-cleaned paw ready to return to the house.



Price:    $20.99

With the Paw Wash, in just four simple steps, your dog’s paws are ready for the house.

Step #1: Remove the insert cap that says "lift." After filling the paw wash with soap and water, leave the yellow ring on that holds the black squeege in place.
Step #2: Insert your dog’s paw into the container and create the water bursting action by moving the Paw Wash up and down the paw.
Step #3: Remove the paw through our unique Squeegee top. Pat dry.
Step #4: Repeat for each muddy paw as listed above.

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