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The Honest Kitchen Thrive

Thrive v. flourish, bloom, blossom, be radiant, picture of health

Thrive Gluten-Free, Low Carbohydrate Dehydrated Raw dog food is designed to cater to dogs of all life stages including puppies, pregnant and nursing dogs and those who need gluten-free dog food but with a little grain, to help maintain a healthy body weight.

With just a little water 1 lb of dry mix will make a whopping 4 lbs of prepared food!!



Price:    $38.99 to 73.99

Thrive is a very minimalist, nourishing diet which is also recommended for dogs with sensitivities as it contains NO fruits, potatoes or flax.

The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Raw Dog Foods combine the wholesomeness of a home made diet with the convenience of an easy-to-prepare, scientifically balanced human-grade pet food formula. Dehydration or drying, is one of the oldest and gentlest methods of food preservation, it works by removing only the water content so all other nutrients remain and become highly concentrated.

Ingredients: hormone-free chicken | organic quinoa | sweet potatoes | spinach | parsley | organic kelp | rosemary | tricalcium phosphate | choline chloride | zinc amino acid chelate | vitamin D3 supplement | vitamin E supplement | potassium chloride | potassium iodide | iron amino acid chelate | copper amino acid chelate

Protein: 26.0% minimum
Fat: 18.0% minimum
Fiber: 6.5% maximum
Moisture: 7.5% maximum

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