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Wagging Green Solar Powered Pooch Collars


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Wagging Green Solar Powered Pooch Collars

One of the most significant benefits of sun power is that it’s pollution-free. Renewable energy cannot be used up and it does not generate pollution. In this design, the Wagging Green logo dog is soaking up the rays at the beach on a sky blue background. 100% organic bamboo ribbon is screen printed, then hand sewn onto a 100% undyed organic bamboo webbing.




Bamboo webbing is naturally anti-bacterial and odor resistant, more absorbent and fast drying than other natural fabrics, breathable, and 100% biodegradable! No pesticides, insecticides, or fertilizers are involved, making this the greenest fiber on Earth.

Small: 3/4" wide, fits 10"- 15" neck
Medium: 1" wide, fits 14" - 19" neck
Large: 1" wide, fits 18" - 26" neck

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