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Timberwolf EZ Lead

Timberwolf EZ Lead


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Timberwolf EZ Lead

Timberwolf EZ Lead is a simple to use and more humane training collar ("Head Collar"). Head collars are one of the more effective ways to train your dog to walk on lead without pulling, lunging or jumping and are very popular with the retail public and trainers. Timberwolf's design offers a simplified attachment process and a soft braided rope over the entire length of the head collar to minimize chafing, pinching and discomfort commonly associated with nylon webbing products. Timberwolf's innovative "Clip-On" design utilizes a dog's existing collar as a stabilizing base. No more complicated (and expensive) head collar contraptions, you merely "Clip-On" the head collar to the D-ring on the dog's existing collar and go! It's just as easy to remove! This is the most user friendly head collar on the market!




Timberwolf EZ Lead is available in XL (24"), L (20"), M (16"), or S (12").

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