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N Bone Cat Chew Treat

N Bone Cat Chew Treat


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N Bone Cat Chew Treat

The perfect combination for oral hygiene and nutrition! N-Bone Cat Chew Treats are a soy-protein concentrate-based treat and dental aid designed to clean cat’s teeth and gums.



Price:    $3.29

All natural, effective tartar remover and nutritious food supplement in an edible and digestible Chicken flavor chew that cat’s love. Low in ash & magnesium, with just the right amount of taurine added.

soy protein concentrate | wheat gluten | gelatin | corn gluten meal | chicken meal

Protein: 30% minimum
Fat: 4% minimum
Fiber: 1.5% maximum
Moisture: 15% maximum
Ash: 1.5% maximum
Magnesium: 0.02 maximum
Taurine: 0.05% minimum

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