Cosmic Catnip

Cosmic Catnip Filled Toys

Cosmic Catnip Filled Toys


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Cosmic Catnip Filled Toys

Packed with catnip that your cat won't be able to resist it. Cats will want to snack on these toys all day long! 100% Cosmic Catnip, 100% fun. Strong, aromatic fragrance.



Price:    $4.49 to 4.49

24 Karat is different from all other veggies - this one has bling, or shall we say, catnip!?!

A-Peeling has such a strong catnip scent, all the other bananas will be jealous.

Annette stimulates cats to reel 'em in. Cats have no problem catching Annette!

Hot Stuff is stuffed to the stem with catnip. Hot Stuff will be in hot pursuit once your cat picks up on its scent!

Miles will be your cats favorite worm. Cats inch along much faster when they know Miles is nearby!

On Top of ol' Stogie entices cat to roll around and get moving!

Prickles cactus will want to be cultivated and cherished for all its catnip.

Rebound interactive fun of throwing and chasing after this catnip filled toy!

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