Natural Food for your Dog

Natural Food for your Dog

Natural Food for your Dog

It might just amaze you to know that everything you have ever heard about not feeding your dog "human" food is not totally true. This may include such things as table food will make your dog sick, or that it will give your dog worms, or a multitude of other dire consequences from letting your dog eat your leftovers. It may come as a shock that natural dog food, the very same natural food that you eat, is much better for your dog's health as well as your own.

Years ago, even before people got involved in the different movements that would insure the improvement of their health, there were dog owners who were feeding their dogs the same food they, themselves, were eating. The owners of these lucky dogs were simply cooking extra portions of their own meals so that their dogs could also enjoy healthy, home cooked food. While anyone who knew of this was highly critical, these caring pet owners simply continued to do their thing. These same dog owners had a significantly higher amount of dogs that lived much longer than those of people who did not feed their dogs natural food. This alone should speak volumes about the importance of natural dog food.

It may have taken awhile for everyone else to catch on to this concept, but now there are actually dog food companies that specialize in manufacturing dog food that's 100 percent natural. Consider what natural food does for your dogs. Among other things, they:

  • Give your dog great tasting food while also providing a significant rate of digestible foods.
  • Encourages your dog's overall good health while also increasing energy levels.
  • Contains no, artificial colors, artificial flavoring, preservatives, or additives as well as no chemical processing during the production of the dog food.
  • Have no allergens that can cause stomach upset, bowel irritability, and irritation of the skin.
  • Provide important amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates that are good for the dogs, along with antioxidants that encourage healthy skin, shiny coat, strong muscles, joints and teeth in your dog.

When you consider all of those things, it's easy to see how your dog can benefit from an all natural dog food diet. With a happier and healthier dog that is sporting a shiny coat, you will BOTH feel a lot better. You're offering your canine companion a chance to live the longest life possible and you can enjoy his company for many years to come.

To fully understand how to keep your dog on a natural dog food diet, there are a few key things to remember in order to make it successful. These are as follows:

  • Have a clean and healthy water supply. Critical to the health of any animal is water. Animals can survive for days or even weeks without food. However, its water must be replenished every day. Part of your job is to make sure water is always available to your dog and is as pure as it can be. You should test tap water to make sure there aren't any contaminants. If you find any, use the correct filtering mechanism to get rid of them. Your water supply MUST be pure and safe.
  • If you're cooking for your dog, only use fresh whole foods that are grown locally.
  • Be sure to thoroughly cook all meat, seafood, eggs, and poultry. It's vital that you do this to avoid making your dog sick.
  • Thoroughly wash all produce. This must be done whether it is organically grown or pre-washed, such as "bag of salad". Wash in cold running water. If you choose, you can add ½ teaspoon of all-purpose bleach to every gallon of water to provide a purifying soak. Allow it to set for 10 minutes then rinse it thoroughly. Next, soak for 10 minutes in clean rinse water. Now you have cleaned the produce and made it safe for eating.
  • Look for variety. Your dog may not want to eat a certain food, but don't eliminate any food groups from his diet.
  • Don't feed one certain food or food group in place of others. Balance is important.
  • Keep it simple and fresh. If you choose to serve chicken, broccoli and rice, you don't need to add anything else.
  • Have an open mind and keep learning. There are new ideas and new information being revealed all the time. What was true 5 years ago may not still be today.

If you are one of those people who adore their pet dogs, but just does not have the time to spend in the kitchen creating natural dog food recipes, there are companies that share your love and concern for feeding your dog the right food. One of these companies is Canidae dog food. Guaranteeing that nothing but the very purest natural ingredients are used in their dog food, this is a company that you can turn to for all of your dog's natural dog food and treats. You can keep up with your busy schedule and still feed your dog the best that nature has to offer.